Pastel Spring Design

Matte pastel nails

Spring is coming! Easter holidays and good sunny mood have inspired me to create a soft pastel design with matte finish and some gold square studs. Also, this design reminds me of the Easter eggs. Happy holidays everyone!

Easter nails

How I made this

  1. Apply any high quality base coat to protect your nails and smooth ridges.
  2. Prepare five pastel shade nail polishes that would work together very well. Apply two coats of each varnish.
  3. What I used: Nail System — (beige) for the thumb.
  4. Index finger: OPI — NL S46 Java Mauve-A.
  5. Middle finger: Collection 2000: Hot Looks — Milkshake.
  6. Ring finger: W7 — Khaki.
  7. Pinky: Manhattan: M&Buffalo — 96E (grey-beige).
  8. To apply studs, I used matte top coat Bourjois — So Matt.
  9. It’s up to you whether you want to achieve a 100% matte finish, or you can put some drops of a glossy top coat to on the studs to make them shine.

Easter nails