Flamy Ombre Nail Art

Flamy orange red ombre nails

Despite the fact that shades of orange, brown and yellow are my least favourite colours, today I was in the mood to create something fiery, flamy. Thus, I came up with the gradient, from the darkest shade of brown (almost black) to the lightest orange.

I’m quite happy with the result, nevertheless this design reminds me of the German flag.

How I made this

  1. Choose your colours. For this design I used
    black — Rimmel: I Love Lasting Finish — 080 Black Cab;
    dark reddish brown — Barbara Daly — Drama;
    dark red — Barbara Daly — Cheeky Cherry;
    red — Orkide Venus — 228 Red;
    orange — Collection 2000: Hot Looks 60 Seconds — 28 Hip Hop;
    yellow — Rimmel: I Love Lasting Finish — 280 Sunshine.
  2. As a base for gradient, roughly apply all these nail polishes in thin stripes.
  3. Then, with a small piece of sponge, start creating gradient, from the darkest to the lightest colour.
  4. To hide the imperfections, you can apply glitter nail polish, Beauty UK: Glam Nails — Holographic Glitter No.73 in my case.